Welcome Aboard
2020-10-10 | Tags: announcements

Hello there, folks. Welcome to Kudo Moments. We have put our experience together to create a platform for all to create and share delightful moments. We are excited to see what you use Kudo Moments for! 🎇

So, what exactly is Kudo Moments?

We built Kudo Moments since we were disenchanted with existing solutions that offer a public platform to share appreciation and happiness within a group.

Here you can -

  1. Create kudos and positivity posts that you and your team can contribute to 🎉
  2. Make kudos a group celebration rather than one-to-many emails
  3. Keep data secure - control who can see your kudos

Who is Kudo Moments for?

Well, for everyone who wants to celebrate special moments for individuals or groups.

  1. Teams in an office
  2. Friends and relatives
  3. Special interest groups
  4. Students of any age

How can I get started?

Just click on the login link to get started. You can use an email, or your Google account to sign up.

We have a free plan that allows you to create as many boards as you want with some limitations on the number of Kudos. If you want to super-charge your board with more people and kudos, you can upgrade your board at any time. If you are looking for team or enterprise solutions, we have that too 😎. See pricing page for more information.

How secure is Kudo Moments?

We are serious about security.

  • We keep your kudos, boards and user information secure. You control who will see or edit kudos and boards
  • We do not sell your information to third parties
  • We do not store your sensitive payment information like credit cards. We process your payments with Stripe

How can I get support?

Contact us at